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about us

About us

Master Nail Academy was founded by Annamaria Farkas, the CEO of Crystal Nails UK. Our Beauty Academy has been established for over 11 years under the Crystal Nails umbrella and specialises in Nail Courses.

Our values


Our Nail Academy is passionate about training and providing ongoing support to help our students enter or thrive in the beauty industry. We understand that our students need fast track, high quality but low cost, training, with the flexibility to fit around their busy work and home lives - so that’s exactly what we provide.


We offer a range of specialist nail courses for individuals who want to gain an accredited qualification to improve their skills or take the next step towards starting their own business. We also cater for nail technicians who want to extend the range of services they offer to their clients.


We are totally flexible, with very small class sizes (from 2 to a maximum of 10 students) and will work with you to provide the ideal package suited to both your needs and your budget. Whether you want a one-to-one course at a location of your choice, or a specific training package organised for your team or a group of friends, we can deliver it.

Unlimited Support

Our commitment to you, our students, is ongoing. We offer free, unlimited support and advice from our teachers after you qualify, so whatever your question, help is always available. We also have a coaching and mentoring service should you want that extra push to ensure you achieve your goals.


All our lecturers are fully qualified nail technicians/beauty therapists with recognised teaching qualifications. They have numerous years of industry experience and are renowned experts in their fields. Our Educators have won numerous awards in Professional Beauty Competitions including awards for training and excellence. Whilst training you to the highest standard, they will also share with you their invaluable business knowledge, both during your course and beyond.

Find more information under the Educators BIO.

Our awards


Our Foundation courses require homework, case studies and practical assessments before we award our Certificates & Diplomas. We are accredited by ABT “Associated BeautyTherapist” & VTCT, meaning our certificates are recognized and insurable anywhere in the UK. Over the years we have provided the opportunity for hundreds of young people and adults to obtain the qualifications, skills required and the confidence to embark on a lifetime career in beauty. We work closely with leading employers to ensure our curriculum meets the skills and recruitment needs of the industry. Once qualified, students are supported into higher education or employment through our connections with employers in the industry.

What makes us special?

We’re covering a wide range and level of courses in the Nail Industry. Our Educators are carefully chosen and still working in the Nail Industry every day. Their knowledge is always up to date and highest and constantly seeks professional excellence, with training updated every 3 years during our International Educator Master Training. This means we can deliver all the important, real life , practical knowledge our students need.

Who do You want to be?

Your career as an expert, highly sought after nail technician starts here!

  • Short Intensive Foundation courses

  • Conversion Courses other system like Gel or Acrylic or AcrylGel

  • Progression Courses

  • Nail Art Courses & Sculpting level 2-3 courses

  • NVQ VTCT level 2

  • NVQ VTCT level 3

  • Master Sculpting & Nail Art courses

who do you want to be?


We are dedicated to the ongoing health and safety of all our trainees and customers. Face coverings, cloth face masks, surgical masks and plastic face shields or visors (collectively referred to as ‘Masks’) are worn to limit the spread of germs.

The purpose of wearing a mask is to contain coughs and sneezes, and to prevent the spread of germs to people and nearby surfaces, which helps to protect the risk of infection transmission. Masks can also help people to avoid touching their nose or mouth accidentally. While a face covering does not filter the air, it can serve as a basic barrier against large droplets reaching the mouth or nose. ‘The best available scientific evidence is that, when used correctly, wearing a face covering may reduce the spread of coronavirus droplets in certain circumstances, helping to protect others.’ ( guidance) The mask should be worn in all corridors, public spaces and common areas, as well as office spaces where multiple people are present, if asocial distance of 2 meter plus is not possible to maintain.


Learners are required to wear a face covering if they are seated within 2 meters of another learner, in all lessons and when watching practical demonstrations. Each lecturer will be responsible for using their professional judgement when determining what is appropriate for their classes. All learners will be required to wear face coverings when performing and receiving treatments.

Other Measures

We use a number of additional measures, such as frequent handwashing, the use of hand sanitizer, working and/or conducting activities remotely, the avoidance of loitering and chatting in communal areas / corridors.


This guidance will be regularly reviewed in line with Government and Public Health guidance. Current government guidance can be found here.

Our Nail experts will be available for any questions you may have.

Come and visit us at our Crystal Nails Academies. You will have the opportunity to speak with our course lecturers and find out everything about the nail industry, your career prospects and best routes for your employment. We look forward to meeting you!